Imagimotion Kidz

Children’s Horizons offers the Imagimotion Kidz  (creative movement) program to all students at both locations twice a month.

Imagimotion Kidz is a developmentally based creative movement program for toddler through kindergarten children which stretches their imaginations through movement and music.  In this safe, fun environment we promote motor development, rhythmical skills, and positive self-esteems while encouraging exercise and fitness.  All of our programs allow for and encourage differences in creative and imaginative interpretations.

The Imagimotion Kidz Preschool program practices and refines the children’s motor skills, body awareness and spatial concepts through movement and music.  We focus on fitness through fun activities which provide opportunities for the children to use their flexibility and strength while developing endurance.  The varied activities provide opportunities for the children to imagine, explore, and discover.  Classes are 30 minutes in length.

All children are born with a creative potential, but the critical years for stimulating and developing creativity are between the ages of three to five.  Through movement, Imagimotion Kidz provides children with the opportunity to imagine, explore, discover, and maximize their potential.

Music is vital to the development of language and listening skills.  Music activities can also help improve attention span and memory and expand vocabulary.  Imagimotion Kidz uses a broad range of children’s music–multicultural, traditional, contemporary, and classical–in combination with movement activities which are educational and stimulating.

Imagimotion Kidz is a fun, non-competitive creative movement program for toddlers through kindergarten age that encompasses many areas of development.

  • Practices and refines gross motor skills and fine motor skills
  • Develops physical fitness through activities that build flexibility, strength, and endurance.
  • Learns about good nutrition through songs and games about healthy food choices.
  • Provides an introduction to music
  • Stimulates cognitive development
  • Promotes self-expression through creative dramatics
  • Fosters social development
  • Builds positive self-esteem
  • Enhances creativity and imagination

Imagimotion Kidz’s curriculum follows the recommendations and guidelines established by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) in the “Early Childhood Curriculum Guidelines”.  We also adhere to the guidelines set by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC).   Our program continually follows cutting-edge research in early childhood education.